"Had the best experience learning to drive with Phil O'Keefe! He was very patient, easy to talk to and filled me with the confidence to pass my driving test"

Grace, Colchester

Getting started with weekly driving lessons

Weekly Driving Lessons from Castle Driving School can be arranged to suit your working or college hours and all of our excellent driving instructors are friendly, courteous and patient.

Before you start learning to drive...

Your eyesight

Make sure that you can read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses to do this wear them whenever you drive. If you are not sure about your eyesight consult an optician before your first driving lesson.

Your Driving Licence

You will need to have received your driving licence before you can start learning to drive or apply for your theory test. If you have an old style paper licence (i.e. no photo id card) then you must have a valid passport as identification for your theory and practical test. You can apply online for a provisional driving licence.

How many lessons will I need?

Everyone is different. The number of lessons you will need will depend on how easily you pick up the skills necessary to learn "Safe Driving for Life". After you have had a few lessons, your instructor will be able to make an assessment of how long it may take you to learn. The DVSA say that an average beginner has 45 hours of professional tuition, with some outside practice.

What to wear for driving

Wear comfortable clothes. Bulky or tight-fitting jackets can restrict movement of the steering wheel. Sensible, low-heeled shoes are the best. High heels or the ridged soles of trainers may affect your smooth use of the foot controls.

Teaching the physically disabled

Disabled logo

Standard lessons are available for the physically disabled and those with learning difficulties in our automatic car. If you are disabled and receive the higher rate of disability living allowance, you are entitled to drive from the age of 16. Please note our car has no special adaptions, if you are unsure then please call us.

Weekly Driving Lessons Price List

A standard lesson in a manual car costs £36.00 per hour
A standard lesson in an automatic car costs £39.00 per hour
Lessons must be paid for in cash directly to your driving instructor at the start of each lesson.

If you need to cancel your driving lesson please give us at least 48 hours notice otherwise the lesson will still need to be paid for.

Prices apply to all lessons occurring on or after 1st March 2024.
:: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us :: Telephone: 01206 728939 :: e-Mail: [email protected] ::